I hated seeing how much I weigh when I went on the scale and not being able to fit in my clothes.

Amelia, a 41 year old married HR officer was tired of not being able to go anywhere because she didn’t like how she looked and felt.  The mother of two knew that she had to do something that would improve her overall health in order for her to feel good about herself.  She needed a diet that would work for her because she had tried other methods of losing weight and none of them worked.  She needed someone to push her in the right direction towards achieving her weight loss goal.

Amelia is a participant on Genoeg – a television programme that is broadcast on VIA, DSTV Channel 147.  The show launched on the 15th January and will be airing until the 9th April.  On the show Gert Coetzee – pharmacist and founder of The Diet Everyone Talks About and Pierre Spies – a performance coach and personal training specialist, provide guidance and tips on how the contestants can start their journey towards living healthy lives.

The expert advice together with The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle program helped Amelia lose a fantastic 18 kg.  She can now fit in her clothes and can go anywhere because she has regained her confidence.

“I’ve now got the energy to do things with my family and my colleagues say that I am glowing,” says Amelia.

Before deciding to change her lifestyle, Amelia weighed 108 kg.  She started picking up weight when she fell pregnant with her son and tried losing weight but it was not easy.  Amelia then fell pregnant with her daughter and picked up more weight.  This is when depression was starting to kick in.

“My family loves my weight loss because they say that I don’t look like ‘Sad Suzie’ anymore.  They were a bit sceptical in the beginning because they didn’t think that I’d be able to lose the weight but they remained supportive.  I love the new me because my health is back to where I want it to be,” explains Amelia.

Amelia feels more comfortable in her body, her husband loves her weight loss and her friends are happy for her.  They say that she is their inspiration.

While Amelia used to take walks and go to the gym when she had the time – she now gyms three times a week and does the 5 km park runs on Saturday.  The diet was not difficult for Amelia to follow although she’d miss some of her fruits.  Her favorite recipe was the spinach bake.

“Put your mind to it, there is nothing that you can’t do – remember, mind over matter,” concludes Amelia.

Genoeg is broadcast on VIA, DSTV Channel 147 and plays every Monday at 17:30 with repeats on Sundays at 15:00.  There are different participants on the show every week.  The show airs from the 15th January 2018 until the 9th April 2018. For more information visit  VIA.