Weight Loss Program

10-week course for 2018: R 2,845.00 (New improved Fat Burner Drops)

Prices of products:
Zer-O-Crave (200ml): R 227.00
Lose-A-Fat tablets (90): R 288.00
Add-A-Vit capsules (30): R 140.00

Total: R 3,500.00 for the 10 week program and 1st medication.

NEW 7-week course for 2018 R2646.50 for 7 week program and 1 st Medication)

5-week course for 2018: (Only available after completion of 7 or 10 week course)

R 2,077.50 (medication included, medication not optional)

If you don’t reach your goal weight by the third month, one can rejoin the program for
5 weeks @ R2,077.50 (medication included)

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