Monique Stoffberg’s Story – GENOEG on VIA Channel 147 DSTV

At the age of 49 going on 50 I was sick and tired of how I looked I felt worthless and I realized my self-esteem were lacking. I wanted to be healthy and fit again. I wanted to be confident again. I have done the comrades before and decided that I want to be able to do it again.

I tried losing weight before and needed something that was really going to work for me.  When the chance come to do the “Genoeg“TV show on Via,
I decided to enter.

I started my journey and found that the fact that I was supervised with regular weigh in days helped me stay on track. My starting weight was 104.5 kg I now weigh 89kg. I feel proud and have my confidence back, my family were very supportive and their reaction was “Wow” they are all so proud of me.

Being an emotional eater weight loss was always going to be a struggle for me. Menopause and High blood Sugar started after my Bilharzia and wrong eating for training. After my father’s death the weight gain just compounded. I was also hijacked and held at gunpoint in 2017 and I reached the point of ENOUGHT IS ENOUGH. I realised that I have to do something NOW. There is more to life than stress and I’m worth wanting to live and enjoy live.





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