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June 2019June is the time to highlight the importance of men’s health
May 2019Pharmacist and diet pioneer warns against the sweet white stuff
April 2019Hints and tips to make health a priority this April
February 2019Boost Your Kidney Health With These Hints And Tips
January 20193 dead-easy diet changes that’ll help you lose weight.
November 2018What to eat to minimise your risk of getting TB
October 20185 Simple ways to keep your heart healthy (and happy!)
September 2018Take care of your kidneys, expert urge
August 2018Dedicate this Women’s month to your own health and well-being
June 2018Start a HEART-HEALTHY diet this June
June 2018The importance of health for youth
May 2018Fight Tuberculosis by changing your diet
April 2018Haemophilia
March 2018How to ensure your children enjoy a healthy Easter
March 2018Kidney Health: Let’s Talk About Yours
February 20185 Small diet changes that make a big difference
February 2018How to maintain a healthy lifestyle this Healthy Awareness Month
February 2018Prioritize your health this February
January 2018Tips for preparing and packing healthy school lunch boxes
November 2017Charlene Hall puts Durbanville Clinic on the map
November 2017Roodeport Clinician Scoops an award at the Diet awards
November 2017The BA Travel Clinic Claims Victory
October 20175 Expert Tips For Losing Weight In 2017
September 20175 Anti-inflammatory foods to add to your diet
August 2017Combat cervical cancer with these super foods
August 2017How healthy are your healthy options?
July 2017Women in Busines
July 2017How serious is health to the youth?
June 20174 Healthy ways to honour Dad this Father’s Day
May 2017Breast cancer and preventative foods.
May 2017Fight diabetes with these 10 healthy foods
February 2017Tips for a Healthy Valentine’s Day


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