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Tips for a Healthy Valentine’s Day

Whether you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day on your own or with someone special, taking steps to being healthy is essential. Being physically active and eating healthy is the key to a healthier heart and sex life this Valentine’s Day. This day is celebrated with love Read more…

How serious is health to the youth?

Young people tend to engage in risky behavior that may negatively affect their health. They are often unaware of the damage that comes with risky behaviors such as smoking, drinking alcohol, eating junk food and not being physically active. Read more…

Combat cervical cancer with these super foods.

30 August 2017

Cervical cancer remains a common cancer for women. It affects the uterine cervix – the lower end of the uterus that connects the upper vagina. If detected early, cervical cancer can be cured. In most cases – cervical cancer is caused by the HPV infection (human papillomavirus infection).   Read more…

How healthy are your healthy options?

30 August 2016

So you’ve embarked on the road to leanness and health and are gearing up to reach your wellness and weight goals by eating the right foods, exercising and taking time to de-stress.

A word of caution from Gert Coetzee, founder of The Diet Everyone Talks About – who says many accepted healthy options have in fact little evils lurking within them!  Avoid these foods if you’re trying to lose weight:  Read more…


5 Expert Tips For Losing Weight In 2017

Year after year, we make resolutions to change something to improve ourselves.  The best New Year’s resolution that anyone could make is to live a healthier life.  Long term, exercising can add years to your life as well as reduce the risks which can lead to diseases that include obesity, cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Living a healthier…   Read more…

4 Healthy ways to honour Dad this Father’s Day
June 13, 2017

Let’s do things a little differently this Father’s Day and show our dads that we care about their health

Instead of ties, cards, expensive whiskey or cologne, let’s show our dad that we really care with these fun and healthy Father’s Day ideas:

Make dad a healthy breakfast:  Read more….


Breast cancer and preventative foods.
5 May 2017

Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women around the world. Whether it’s through you, a friend or a family member, breast cancer may touch your life. Early detection and progress in treatment has… Read more…

Adding these low-carb, anti-inflammatory foods to your diet can help improve high blood pressure and your weight loss efforts!

If you’re following a low-carb diet to lose weight or just improve your overall health then it’s time to take it to the next level by adding a few low-carb  Read more…