Meet Jacques Lange – a happily engaged 36 year old corporate admin manager.  Jacques is a participant on Genoeg – a new program on VIA, DSTV Channel 147 which airs from the 15th January 2018 until the 9th April 2018 – with health experts Gert Coetzee (pharmacist and diet pioneer who founded The Diet Everyone Talks About) and Pierre Spies (performance coach and personal training specialist) who give hints and tips on how to start your journey towards a healthier you. 

“I joined The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle program in August 2017.  My three siblings and my mother passed away due to medical reasons.  That was an eye opener and healthier life.  I wanted to participate in Genoeg because of medical reasons as well as low self-esteem and energy levels.  My sugar levels, blood pressure and cholesterol were all very high.  I have tried other methods of losing weight but none of them were as successful as this one,” says Jacques.

Jacques had a starting weight of 100.7 kg and lost an amazing 17 kg while he was on Genoeg.  He lost another 4 kg and now stands at a total weight loss of 21 kg!

“Joining this lifestyle program was the best decision I could have made for myself.  I can now live my life to the fullest because I am not so shy anymore and I go out a lot more.  My overall health has improved and my family is proud of me and they can’t believe how much weight I’ve lost.  They have been supportive throughout my weight loss journey and they still are.  Everyone at work is amazed by my weight loss.  I am also still astonished and very appreciative of the compliments that I’ve been getting.

I never used to exercise before but I now go to gym three times a week and do the ‘park run’ (a five km) run every Saturday.  I also go on long walks and hiking when possible.  What I like about this The Diet Everyone Talks About is that you never go hungry.  There are so many tasty food choices that it’s almost impossible to crave all the bad stuff that I used to eat.

The diet was not hard to follow and it has now become part of lifestyle.  The most beneficial aspect of losing weight is that I am more outgoing and energetic.  What I would like to say to everyone that’s trying to lose weight is that you should never give up because with discipline and dedication – you can reach your goal,” says Jacques.

Genoeg is broadcast on VIA, DSTV Channel 147 and plays every Monday at 17:30 with repeats on Sundays at 15:00.  There are different participants on the show every week.  The show airs from the 15th January 2018 until the 9th April 2018.  For more information visit VIA