Keep your weight constant this festive season.

In the festive time with more outings and visits to family and friends it is very easy to forget about your healthy food choices.

This festive season beat the holiday bulge with these easy tips.

  • Be sure to avoid snacking and eating of the baddies, by insuring you eat before you go out.
  • When you do eat out remember to choose foods and snacks lower in carbohydrates. Avoid the starchy and sugary foods and opt for foods that will be filling and will keep you satisfied for longer, like small meatballs, devil eggs and meat options.
  • Ask yourself if you really should eat this at all and remember to keep up with the fluids to stay satisfied for longer.
  • Try to stay as close as possible to your normal daily routines.
  • Remember planning is key, plan your meals for the holidays in advance and avoid too many of the bad snacks on hands. You have more time to plan and ensure the rights snacks are on hand.
  • This is also a good time to stroll the shops for new low carb options you can use for the holidays and the coming New Year.
  • Activities with your family and loved ones will be easier as well. Make sure to rather opt for outings with activities than snacking.
  • Why not leave the purse at home and just do some window shopping and have a feat with your eyes instead.
  • Keep in mind how great you will feel in the New Year when you kept your weight of.

This is the time to take time for yourself and your loved ones. To rest and to focus on what is really important.