3 dead-easy diet changes that’ll help you lose weight.

January 2019



Everyone knows drinking water is important to keep us hydrated during summer heat waves but did you know it can also help you shed a few kilograms? According to pharmacist Gert Coetzee, creator  of The Diet Everyone Talks About, water naturally suppresses your appetite, reducing the hunger pangs that threaten to sabotage your weight-loss goals.

Also, because your thirst is sated, you’re less likely to gulp down unhealthy cold drinks and other beverages with a high sugar content.



Yes, there is such a thing as fat-burning foods! Healthline.com explains these ingredients boost your metabolism and help your body burn fat. They include apple cider vinegar, green tea, coconut oil, cayenne pepper, grapefruit and green, leafy vegetables.

According to Coetzee, eating more fat-burning foods not only helps with weight loss but can boost your energy levels.



Eating out all the time probably isn’t the best course of action when you’re trying to lose weight. However, staying in and cooking doesn’t guarantee you’ll eat diet-friendly meals either – especially if your pantry is stocked with all sorts of tempting high-kilojoule goodies.

Coetzee advises you to get into the habit of planning and prepping your daily meals ahead of time. “If you have healthy food on hand, sticking to your goals becomes much easier. Deciding what you’ll eat ahead of time can contribute to helping you make healthy life choices,” he says.

Head to the supermarket armed with a list and stick to it. Better yet, do so after you’ve eaten.

“Try to avoid the straight-after-work shopping routine when one is feeling stressed and a little peckish,” confirms Sunday Times food editor Hilary Biller. This will help you stay strong when faced with an array of enticing eats that shouldn’t be added to your trolley.