Amilda van Wyk’s Story – GENOEG on VIA Channel 147 DSTV


As a mother of two, tired of being overweight and with her weight out of control after being on so many diets Amilda van Wyk decided to enter the TV program Genoeg on Via.

Amilda told us “I have always struggled with my weight. To lose weight is never easy, no matter what plan you follow. There is just no quick fix no magic wand”

Amilda have always been overweight since primary school she was always on some or other diet.

“I’ve never been able to just relax, my weight has always been in the back of my mind, it defined me. I’ve never had a bad self image and I’ve never aloud my weight to keep me back. I always do everything to the fullest, but I came to the point where I just wanted to relax and not focus on my weight anymore. I decided to try one more time to get to the point where I am happy with myself and then maintain and never allow my weight to get out of control. It wasn’t always easy but I was prepared that there were going to be good and bad days. I also realized that I will have to always look at what I eat since I do pick up weight very easily, but I started my journey and decided that I will not stop before I reached the goal I set for myself.”

Amilda have been on many diets before where she would start and stop never to reach her goal, we all have experienced this some or other time in our lives. She now had the knowledge, wisdom and determination to make a success. “I now have people standing behind me motivating me and assisting me.”

As long as you have more good days than bad days you are moving forward and maybe you will have bad days and cheat days, but the secret is to immediately set it right and to have no feelings of guilt afterwards knowing you are on the right path. “I don’t believe in losing weight fast. We life in an era where everything is “INSTANT”, but unfortunately   weight loss is not one of those things. If you do what you should you will see the results and it will be faster than you might think. It is now much easier for me to maintain my weight since I know how to limit bad choices and when I do cheat I know how to get back on track quickly”


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