Charlene Hall puts Durbanville Clinic on the map

Dedicated clinician, Charlene Hall from The Diet Everyone Talks About Durbanville Clinic (Cape Town) came third in the top clinic category at the Diet awards 2017. She also took fourth place in the top sales category. One of her clients, Wayne Jacobs was the overall weight loss winner. His starting weight was 131.3kg and he managed to lose an impressive 41.3 kg! He now weighs 90 kg. Charlene is a qualified clinician who has successfully and enrolled and helped thousands shed unwanted weight. She has also worked in the medical, pharmaceutical and marketing fields.

Charlene has a passion for helping others. She believes that a customer should never feel like they are just a number. The people that come to the clinic for help need to be treated with respect and compassion because weight is a very sensitive issue. She is firm with her clients because they need guidance towards making the right decisions for their health.

Charlene was previously announced the overall winner for the Diet awards in 2016.

Congratulations Charlene to all your hard work!