Frequently Asked Questions

Can I benefit from the diet if I have thyroid problems?
It is safe, but your weight loss will be slower.

I am a vegetarian, can I benefit from the diet?
Depending on what kind of vegetarian, you could get results from the diet.

Can I go on the diet if I have kidney problems or only have one kidney?
Your health is the most important. As long as you know which foods to exclude, the diet is safe.

Can I go on the diet if I have high blood pressure?
The diet will be perfectly safe, in fact your blood pressure will probably normalize.

How would the diet affect me if I have cholesterol problems?
With a few adjustments made to the diet your cholesterol levels will be lower.

May a diabetic go on this diet?
The diet will be perfectly safe, as long as you know your condition.

Are weekly injections involved?
No, Homeopathic Lose-a-Fat Fat Burner drops received each week

Will I lose weight?
Not only are you going to lose weight, you will retain the loss.

I do not like exercising, how important is it?
A few sessions of 15 minutes each is better than an hour per day. Get exercise by parking your car further away or the shopping mall entrance and walk briskly.

Do I have to buy special foods?
You eat the correct foods you have at home and we teach you to make better food choices when you shop.

May I use this diet whilst breast-feeding?
It is safe, however we prefer to wait a few months after the birth for ethical reasons. Should a problem arise it could be attributed to the diet without it having any contribution to the problem.

Is this a high protein diet?
Our diet is carbohydrate controlled. When followed correctly with the help of our clinics it differs considerably from a high protein diet.

Can I only use the Fat Burner drops?
No, it is not advisable. The whole program is a well balanced diet, inclusive of the medication to ensure long-term results.

What is Add-a-Vit?
Add-a-Vit is our slimming multivitamin. The formula has been adjusted to reduce appetite rather than stimulating appetite. It also helps preventing cold in winter.

What is Zero-Crave?
Zero-Crave is a healthy appetite suppressant. This does not contain pseudo– ephedrine and is therefore not addictive.

What is Lose-a-fat?
Lose-a-fat is a homeopathic pink tablet that increases functions of the body beneficial to weight loss, such as fat breaking and water retention.

Can you guarantee weight loss?
No diet can guarantee your weight loss. The actions of the person following the diet will determine the success. Should you follow the diet program 100% without ‘crooking’ you should lose 10-15% of your weight over a 10-week program.

I do not know what to eat and get bored eating the same foods every day. What suggestions do you have?
We have published “Eat Slim” with a lovely variety of recipes available at our clinics.



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