Since the age 12 I have had knee problems, and every doctor I went to told me that I would never be able to run again.
Two years ago I had corrective surgery and the prognosis to run was still not good. I made myself a promise that I would run a half marathon by the time I was 40.

My name is Naomi Dunhin, a 33 year old mother to a 13 year old son.

Since losing a whopping 18hg;s and joining Run/Walk for life, I am running three times a week with my son.
He loves his new energetic Mom and we get to share precious and fun time with each other now.


When I decided to try THE DIET EVERYONE TALKS ABOUT I weighed 75,3Kg’s, I was very self-conscious and wore baggy, old fashioned clothes to hide myself. I now weigh 57,3kg’s and love going clothes shopping. I feel good, healthy and proud of myself!

My husband is also very proud of me and has always been
very supportive of my goals.