My work performance has improved thanks to my weight loss

“I had no confidence at all, I was always aware of my weight which depressed me.”

Meet Henry Pake, a 28-year-old electrician who decided to become a better version of himself by losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

“I was always a big guy who loved eating and the more weight I gained, the more depressed I became.  My depression led to me eating all the wrong foods which negatively affected my health.  My weight gain also affected relationships and performance at work.  This was really weighing me down as I was feeling demotivated and self-conscious, so I decided that it was time for me to take charge and work towards being healthy.

“My starting weight was 190 kg’s when I started The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle programme and I lost an impressive 46,1 kg in 29 weeks.

“I tried other numerous diet programmes, but I just kept going back to my old ways.  I then decided that enough is enough and contacted Marcelle, the clinician from The Lifestyle Clinic Worcester to book an appointment with her.  I was very confident about joining this lifestyle programme as I have seen people say that it worked for them.  My focus was to become the best version of myself, so I made sure that I had the right mindset and a positive attitude.

“It wasn’t hard for me to follow The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle programme as it is set up according to each individual’s needs and you still get to eat your favourite foods.  I managed to lose weight by setting goals for myself, working hard towards them and remaining positive.

“My family has been with me every step of the way and they say that I inspire and motivate me.  My friends are very proud of me and my colleagues compliment me all the time and show interest in the progress I’ve made.  Losing weight has given me energy to gym, I never used to exercise but now I am able to go on the treadmill and cycle. 

What I can say to anyone that wants to lose weight is remember that you are doing it for yourself, set your mind on your weight loss goals and just go for it!