Elaine cutMy name is Elaine la Grange, a happily married 32 year old mother of a two year old daughter. Last year I was overweight and unhappy with the way I looked. I simply did not want to leave the house!

In February last year I weighed a staggering 86.5 kg! I was annoyed with myself and ashamed of the way I looked. That’s when I came across an ad in this magazine and decided it give it a try. This is not a diet or jail sentence, but a lifestyle program and you really do eat lots of great food.

I now weigh a fantastic 65kg! For the first time in my life I am able to walk into a shop, pick up a small size of jeans off the shelf without trying on three sizes and end up crying with disappointment about the huge size that I would have to buy.

To be honest, being on The Diet Everyone Talks About has completely changed my outlook on life. I have a new lease on life. My total weight loss to date is 21.5kg! I feel amazing, like a new person! Both my family and friends were shocked by the overall transformation. Some say I now exude confidence and it shows in the way I walk and talk.



Your health is your future – Invest in it wisely.