September weight loss winner


When Peet Snyman walked into Centurion’s clinic for the first time, he did it with the help of 2 canes. He had to get his second knee replacement urgently, but had to lose 20kg first.

He enrolled in the 7-week program. In 7 weeks he lose 27.8kg (16.4%). On the 10th of September he was back with the doctor – the doctor suggested that they look again in 9 months and then make a decision. He completed his first 21km cycling with his wife last Saturday – which was one of his great desires.

Not only is his weight loss (in such a short period of time) remarkable for me, his story that brought him here is just as interesting.

He was a great rugby player earmarked for the Springbok team – the so-called “new” Frik Du Preez (to name just a little).


Of course, I shared his journey widely with everyone and never received less than 150 comments on Facebook. 10 New clients have already joined through its loss.

His ultimate goal is to lose 40kg in total by his birthday in November. He has already completed another 5 weeks and is currently busy with the free weeks of the 10 new connections.
So he lost 31.8kg overall.