Succes Stories

He Feeds Me

“Where did it all go wrong, how did I end up here? These are the questions that I ask myself as the water begins to drip down my shoulders. My knees begin to ache as I feel the shower tiles cutting into my knees.

Elmarie skud 25kg af
met die Dieet Waarvan Almal Praat!

Om gedurende die inperkings van jou huis af te kan werk, bring dalk groter rustigheid – maar ook minder dissipline wat ‘n mense se eetgewoontes betref.


Monique Stoffberg’s Story

Meet Monique Stoffberg – a happily married 49 year old corporate financial advisor and mom to an 18 year old daughter.  “I decided to join The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle program and participate in Genoeg because my weight gain was starting to have a negative impact on my life.  I started becoming tired of how I looked and I felt worthless.

Jacques Lange’s Story

Meet Jacques Lange – a happily engaged
36 year old corporate admin manager.
“I joined The Diet Everyone Talks About lifestyle program in August 2017.
My three siblings and my mother passed away due to medical reasons.  That was an eye opener and healthier life. 

Ashley’s Story

I was told that I would look fat in my wedding photographs. I will remember that comment for the rest of my life.  For Ashley, 22-years-old and over 100kgs, this was the turning point. She knew that she had to change her relationship with food and her lifestyle dramatically. A diet wasn’t going to cut it. Simply eliminating sugar and carbohydrates wasn’t working.

Amelia’s Story

Amelia, a 41 year old married HR officer was tired of not being able to go anywhere because she didn’t like how she looked and felt.  The mother of two knew that she had to do something that would improve her overall health in order for her to feel good about herself.  She needed a diet that would work for her because she had tried other methods of losing weight and none of them worked. 

Amilda van Wyk’s Story

As a mother of two, tired of being overweight and with her weight out of control after being on so many diets Amilda van Wyk decided to enter the TV program Genoeg on Via.

Amilda told us “I have always struggled with my weight. To lose weight is never easy, no matter what plan you follow. There is just
no quick fix no magic wand”

Wayne Jacobs
It is only once you lose weight that you realize just how much more energy and life you can have!  My name is Wayne Jacobs and I lost 41.3 kg – thanks to the friendliest and most helpful diet clinician from the Durbanville clinic, Charlene Hall. 


No  more tears.Elaine cut

My name is Elaine la Grange, a happily married 32 year old mother of a two year old daughter. Last year I was overweight and unhappy with the way I looked. I simply did not want to leave the house!  

Rene wh1Just DO IT!

My name is Rene Taylor and I’m a 36 year old mother of two, aged five and three years old. I work as a Body Stress Release Practitioner in Meyerton, 15 kilometers north of Vereeniging.

exerciseYour health is your future – Invest in it wisely.