Trading chocolate and sweet treats for a healthier heart & sex life this Valentine’s Day.

It does not help that the weather is giving me that that drink hot chocolate and curl up kind of feeling, or the fact that it is one of those days that is just dragging, literally dragging. Even the wine cupboard is bare, so will definitely be sending hubby to the store on the way home.

I do not share all the news that comes into my inbox, because there are just not enough hours in the day but I think this is not just for Valentine’s day but for every day. I have to be honest though, I am not always getting it right.

So  here is some advice from The diet that everyone talks about on Valentine’s day and for the rest of February and beyond.

Here goes: 

Whether you decide to celebrate Valentine’s Day on your own or with someone special, taking steps to being healthy is essential.  Being physically active and eating healthy is the key to a healthier heart and sex life this Valentine’s Day.  This day is celebrated with love through the presentation of confections, chocolates and other sweet treats but you can treat your loved ones to the gift of a good, healthy and still delicious meal instead.

PS. I will be cooking for my Family this evening…nothing too sweet or decadent, but all going to plan accompanied by a delicious red wine. The kids have some non-alcoholic pink sparkling grape juice to put some FUN into their day.

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love and can also be a reason for you and your loved ones to make healthy choices part of your everyday life.  From heavy dinners to decadent desserts, Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest restaurant days of the year.  Gert Coetzee, Pharmacist and Diet pioneer who founded The Diet Everyone Talks About wants to help you enjoy your Valentine’s Day while maintaining your health.

Here are some hints and tips that can help you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day without having to worry about your health.

1. Avoid Sweets & Chocolates
Consider a healthy snack basket with mixed nuts, biltong, vegetable sticks and some Greek yogurt dip instead of tempting your loved ones with sweets and chocolates.

2. Meal modifications are important
If you’ll be dining out, make sure that you keep your meals modified. Ask the waiter to substitute the French fries with vegetables. When it comes to calories, grilled is usually better than fried. Restaurant sizes are often larger than normal, so portion control is also important.

3. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption
Try to limit your alcohol consumption. Excessive alcohol can lead to long-term health problems, which include cancer and heart disease. If you choose to drink, do it in moderation. One or two glasses of wine should be fine. Too much alcohol plays havoc with your libido and performance as well – not a good move for Valentine’s Day.

4. Get Active
Quality time with your loved ones is one of the most important things on this day. You can gather up and plan an active outing such as rock climbing, ice skating or hiking that ends with a nutritious yet delicious picnic. Being physically active helps you manage your health and weight.

5. Consider Dining In
Cooking at home is a great way to control your food consumption. Many restaurants offer specials which include hearty dishes, complete with heavy dressings and rich sauces. Prepare a healthy romantic candle lit dinner and watch a romantic movie.

Use this delicious recipe from The Diet Everyone Talks About “Eat Slim/Eet Slim” recipe book to make a decadent yet healthy dessert with only 1.3g carbs per portion.

Cheese Cake
Portions: 6 – 8
Prep time: 20 min
CHD: 1.3 g per portion
kJ: 448 kJ

3 Eggs yolks (use the whites to prepare meringue shells)
200 ml Canderel powder
30 ml Thick Cream
45 ml Water
5 ml Cinnamon / cool drink
30 ml Gelatine
125 ml Water
250 ml Cream, beaten till stiff
250 ml Cream cheese

1. Cook the first ingredients till thick.
2. Add cinnamon and gelatine dissolved in water.
3. Allow to cool.
4. Add cream and cream cheese.
5. Refrigerate for 2 hours.

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