Why lose weight?

Am I overweight?

Each person has a unique conformation and an according ideal weight. You are overweight when your body mass exceeds your ideal weight by 20%. If your ideal weight is 50kg and you tip the scale at 60kg, you are overweight.

What if I neglect my weight problem?

You can continue suffering from a bad self esteem, being depressed and tired or even looking older than your age! You can even risk your life. You can develop diabetes or high blood pressure. Even cancer or a heart condition. Knoll, manufacturer of pharmaceutical products, claim that an overweight woman that loses a measly 10kg, can reduce the risk of mortality due to diabetes with 40%, to cancer with 37% and coronary illness with 9%!

Must I lose weight? 

The bare fact that you are wondering, worrying or feeling uncomfortable, is an alarming sign to seek advice from your pharmacist. Carrying a greater mass than what the body was designed for, puts strain on all of its organs. The heart is required to work harder in order to pump blood to all the extra kilograms.

Why this particular diet?

It is a professional diet. Only presented at pharmacies and clinics by well trained assistants.

You will definitely lose weight and experience no hunger pains!

You will be energetic and full of life and will experience no depression or moodiness so often experienced by people on a diet.

The diet program is based on long-term scientific statistics and principles. Its objective is to stimulate the body’s metabolism to ensure that the body burns excess fat rather than store it.  This is a carbohydrate-controlled diet. It is neither a low-kilo-joules-intake, nor starvation or unbalanced metabolism diet. The amount of food taken in is not very important.

The diet drastically lowers the risk of developing a chronic illness like diabetes, hypertension, cancer or a cardiac disease! People suffering from hypoglycemia, stomach ulcers, migraine, allergies and many other disorders are successfully treated on our diet. This diet is therefore not only to lose weight, but definitely to improve health as well!

If you already suffer from any of these diseases, there is a good chance that the Diet will improve the condition or even cure it. Back-, knee- and hip aches will diminish as body mass decreases, associated with increases in energy levels and mobility.  Scrumptious, easy, ordinary foods you can choose from and eat without ever gaining weight or being hungry again.

Included in the treatment are medication and new improved Fat Burner drops, containing no hormones or harmful ingredients.

Is it going to be difficult to maintain this figure?

Since the program is not a hunger or quick-fix diet, you will not regain the weight you lost. During the 10 week course you need to visit us every week and you are also taught what foods to avoid and how to maintain your new body mass.  A high percentage of our patients – nearly 94% – succeed in maintaining their weight, even after a year, at the level achieved at the end of the programmer.  This does not imply that you need to diet for the rest of your life, suffer hunger pangs or avoid sweets. Obesity is seen as a modern and chronic illness. If gaining weight is a constant problem, you will need to follow certain principles and guidelines to stabilize it.



Your health is your future – Invest in it wisely.