Why The Diet Everyone Talks About

This is the opposite of the Fat-Fad diets – this is not a quick fix but an introduction into a whole new lifestyle. A lifestyle that will teach you to eat healthy, improve your health and as a bonus – you will shed kilo’s.

You actually lose weight while you eat. This is not a starvation diet at all. What amazes people is the fact that should you try to eat less than the recommended portions – you will actually gain weight. This is the true eat yourself thin diet!

The Diet Everyone Talks About is a carbohydrate-controlled lifestyle program that was designed by pharmacist Gert Coetzee in 1989. Its objective is to stimulate the body’s metabolism to ensure that the body burns excess fat rather than storing it. This is why people on The Diet Everyone Talks About not only lose weight, but also experience no hunger pangs while doing so! The food that dieters can eat is not only scrumptious and easy to prepare, but is also ordinary food that can be bought anywhere.



Available at pharmacies, clinics and beauty salons!
Only well trained diet personnel that are in possession of a valid diploma, are offering the diet.


Best combination between the Medical world and Dietetics.
Best combination between Medicine and Food kinds.
This is therefore a One–Stop–Diet!
You only eat food your body has a natural need for, therefore very easy.
Absolutely safe and harmless.
This is an easy health program.
You enjoy what you eat.
You will not become hungry.

At the end of the PROGRAM we determine scientifically the amount of fattening food your body can digest. Because you know the kinds of food, as well as the amount thereof responsible for fattening you, you will never gain fat again – if you stay between those guidelines.


We adapt the PROGRAM to a variety of careers: office worker, traveler, factory worker, businessperson, secretary, athlete, etc.
We build a personal relationship with you as a person: We are involved with you – we take you by the hand, AND WALK ALL THE WAY WITH YOU!
This is a 10-week period leading to your personal, permanent solution. We do succeed because we teach you in 10 weeks to think differently about food.
In case you transgress, we are always there rendering the necessary support, together with actions of correction.
No continual weighing of food.


We adapt the diet to your personal lifestyle, therefore it will apply to a permanent, lifelong solution against obesity.
It now becomes a positive weight control!
A survey done with patients a year after they completed the DIET PROGRAMshowed that 94% had lost more weight, or gained not more than 3 kg!


Your health is your future – Invest in it wisely.