Why “The Diet” is so different from other diets:

It is neither a low-calorie-intake, nor starvation or unbalanced-metabolism diet.  We deal with our patients’ problem regarding an unbalanced metabolism, rather than a disturbed mentality.
Ordinary food, available in all homes, consisting of mainly protein and carbohydrates (controlled) are taken.

After completing the program, you will know exactly how many fattening types of food you can take in WITHOUT EVER GAINING WEIGHT AGAIN! Our long-term statistics proved this fact!


A further reason for Our Diet being so successful is by eliminating a patient’s hunger!  It is especially developed for people having only a little or no will power at all. If you become part of our winning team by joining us in the Program, your body will be taught how to change its metabolic process in order to burn down its own excess fat without making you feel like starving!

Our patients are happy people, because they are not treated as being members of a starvation crew – they know they can continue enjoying an excellent life, whole year round, by eating the so called “forbidden-food” – butter, crayfish, bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, T-bone steaks, etc.!

Our Diet has been described by using words of exclamation by many of our patients:

“This kind of lifestyle fits me like a glove!”
“I am so flattered by the compliments I’ve received since I lost so much weight!”
“The whole family is motivated and impressed with the progress made in the so believed non-win-battle against obesity!”
“This kind of lifestyle is just fantastic! I have changed my lifestyle for the better, healthier version without missing anything!”
“I have tried many diets, often lost lots of weight, but gained all again after a while!”
“I am a nursing-sister and was very skeptical at first. But I can assure everyone that this Program is absolutely healthy in a medical sense.”
“I enjoy the individual attention I receive as well as the individuality of my personally worked-out program where even my own preferences were taken into account! It makes me feel important and special!”
“I was surprised that I was even taught how to ‘cheat’ by breaking the rules – and I still didn’t gain weight!”

One of the best aspects of our Diet is that it contains the ability to change a person from being a depressed, tired, worn-out older than their actual years-looking individual into someone vivacious, self-assured and much younger looking! We are so happy and proud of our patients changing so dramatically, not only by losing weight, but also undergoing a whole personality change for the best!
We are so SURE that Our Program ALWAYS WORKS! This certainty provides us volumous confidence to share with our patients.

WE GUARANTEE WEIGHT LOSS – even people usually having a problem in losing weight!

The Program is often recommended for better health and not necessarily for weight loss. We treat diabetics, people with cardiac disease, hypoglycemia, stomach ulcers, migraine, allergies and many other disorders, which occur regularly! THIS PROGRAM TREATS THE CAUSE AS WELL AS THE SYMPTOMS. With this program it is possible to treat all of these disorders and lose weight-, which shorten a persons life- at the same time.  The main purpose of the Program is to make it as easy and as pleasant as possible. This Program is composed specifically for this reason, and you will find how easy it is to bend the rules without breaking it.


The new improved Fat Burner drops do not contain any hormones. When hormone-injections are discontinued, the dieter ONCE AGAIN gains all the weight. You can be rest assured that the new improved Fat Burner drops we administer, contains harmless, natural ingredients with no side effects. The most common question asked is if a person will gain weight once the program is terminated. The answer is NO : provided that you comply with our easy recommendations. If you eat excessively, unbalanced foods and beyond our recommendations, you will obviously gain weight again.
The health and beauty advantage gained by our Program are supported by 30 years of experience, scientific research and the satisfaction of our clients.



Your health is your future – Invest in it wisely.